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About me

My name is Richard Sharpe. I am a retired maths teacher living in the UK.

I am to blame for all the errors in this project, and the best bits are largely due to the giants on whose shoulders I have briefly stood, and whom I shall talk about when time allows.

I am also completely open about my political bias, (probably to your left!) as I want anyone using these materials, to understand my biases and where many of my perspectives on learning and education come from. If you are an authoritarian, for example, it is unlikely you will gain much benefit from my ideas. I am not a member of any political party though I was briefly a member of the Labour Party during the Corbyn leadership. The current crowd appear to stand for nothing and am unlikely to vote for any of them. In this, my politics are not partisan, except where (all too frequently) objective morality is being thrown to the wind. When this happens and it is relevant, that is when you will see me spit!

This is called free speech. No-one is forced to read my words. I am employed by no-one and while my views differ from the norm, the last time I looked, saying unpopular things was still legal in this country. I will be intrigued to see whether the sorts of people who get on their free-speech high horses when they are told that "What we would like is people being pleasant to one another" and insist on their right to say racist, homophobic and transphobic stuff without criticism (Political correctness gawwn maerd!) will also allow my right to say things which are not hateful. Somehow I doubt it.

Here is the problem. Nobody, least of all in the current divisive and hate-filled political climate, is free from bias, so the least we should expect, is for people dealing in the field of ideas, to be open about where they come from, philosophically. If you are familiar with the Political Compass, I am slightly off the bottom left of the diagram, which, I suppose, makes me an anti-authoritarian communist. If that is a problem for you, then farewell. My political perspective also informs my attitude to facts and their communication. I put great store by honesty and never intentionally make inaccurate, misleading or deceptive remarks. I do not, however, claim to be perfect and I do make mistakes/errors. If there is a factual error anywhere in my work, please contact me to correct it. If your problem is that you disagree with my (open and accepting) attitude to women, refugees, minorities, LGBTQ+ people etc., please don't bother, as you are wrong and I am completely uninterested in hearing your arguments! I have heard them all, have analysed them all, and have found them wanting on logical, philosophical and ethical grounds. However, much of mathematics is apolitical, so I hope that this will not be too much of a problem for too many.

One final point. Many people seem to believe that socialism means not requiring money in order to live; this idea, repeated endlessly by politicians and pundits on the right, is not just wrong; it is also mindlessly stupid given that we all, regardless of philosophical persuasion, have to live in this system where the only thing which has value, is commerce.

There is a contact form on the site which does not send out emails (so spammers, you are on to a loser there), but lets me know when messages are left. Abuse, spam and vileness will be deleted  long before it is read by a human, and my algorithm, unlike Google's, has a decided left wing bias, which effectively means that I don't lie for advantage.