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Converting percentages
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Finding a percentage of a number


Percentages are hard. Even though they are a concept that most people think they understand, there are many different types of problem, which on a surface level, appear to be similar, but actually require a wholly different method. In the section, I will be going through all of the important aspects of working with percentages, starting with what a percentage is and going on to look at reverse percentages and compound interest. Below is a list of sub-topics which we will work with here.

  1. What is a percentage?
  2. Converting between a percentage and other similar forms.
  3. Finding a percentage of a quantity.
  4. Increasing a quantity by a percentage
  5. Decreasing a quantity by a percentage
  6. Expressing one quantity as a percentage of another
  7. Repeated increases and decreases over time
  8. Undoing a percentage increase or decrease
  9. Summary of question types